Getting to Know Us:

Rosewood Foundation Guyana is a registered non-profit, volunteer-based animal welfare organization that advocates for the protection of animals through education, rescue and care. By working with a network of volunteer advocates, foster caregivers, local veterinarians and other animal advocacy groups, Rosewood Foundation Guyana is able to rescue countless animals every year. We provide these animals with care and temporary homes through our foster providers until we can place them into their permanent homes. We also serve as a resource to our communities by providing information on pet ownership, our spay/neuter programs and positive behavior training. We believe that no animal should be mistreated and are working assiduously to prevent uncontrolled breeding of the animal population and to ensure a cruelty free society for all animals.

Rosewood Foundation Guyana was founded in 2017 by two animal advocates. Their desire to create a safe and loving society for animals served as motivation to embark on the journey of educating the general populace on various animal welfare issues, spaying, neutering and animal fostering. The number of persons in the organization soon grew after a few young professionals indicated their interest in partnering in support of its objectives. Rosewood Foundation Guyana is a young organization; however, we believe that collectively we have the experience, diversity and commitment to allow us to grow. While we are mindful of not overextending ourselves, we are looking forward to expanding in the future as resources allow.

Our Vision

To inspire and mobilize society to create a world in which all animals enjoy, as a minimum, five essential freedoms:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  3. Freedom from fear and distress
  4. Freedom from discomfort
  5. Freedom to express normal behaviour


Our Mission

  • To protect and enhance the quality of life for animals in Guyana
  • To rehabilitate and re-home animals in need
  • To educate the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering
  • To prevent cruelty and uncontrolled breeding of the animal population
  • To encourage kindness and consideration towards animals
  • To maintain and protect animals in their natural habitats